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National Association for College Admission Counseling- Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups

NACAC Special Interest Groups (SIGs) nurture the growing diversity in our association by providing "micro" communities within which members can network and add value to their NACAC membership experience. These smaller subsets of members are formed for the purpose of knowledge sharing and discussion among members with similar interests whether they are the specific subjects, issues or type of institution or students they serve. 


It's easy to get involved with one of NACAC's Special Interest Groups. Simply select a group below to learn more about the SIG, join the SIG's social media groups and contact the SIG's leaders.

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  • Start a New SIG

    To create a new SIG, a proposal must be submitted to the NACAC Member Relations Committee. The following are required: 1) SIG Mission statement articulating how the group furthers and promotes NACAC's mission. (Please note that SIGs formed for the discussion and/or promotion of a specific product or service will be discouraged.) 2) Identification of a committed leader and co-leader (to step up in the absence of the primary leader). Both must be members of NACAC. 3) Signatures* of at least 15 NACAC members. (*Emails from NACAC members indicating support of the proposed SIG and its mission can serve as 'signatures'.)

    Contact NACAC
  • Volunteer to Lead a SIG

    Periodically, volunteers are needed to serve as the Leader or Co-Leader of a SIG. The leaders are required to be NACAC members. Currently, leaders are needed for the following SIGs: French Baccalaureate and Women's Colleges. If you are interested in serving as a SIG Leader, please contact NACAC using the button below.

    Contact NACAC
  • ACAC College Fairs Coordinators

    The ACAC College Fair Coordinators Special Interest Group is devoted to creating access and equity for students and families to connect with college admission representatives through quality college fairs.

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  • Active Retired SIG

    The Active Retired Special Interest Group is a group of former college counselors and/or college admission professionals who continue to be involved in NACAC and their affiliate activities.

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  • African American SIG

    The African American Special Interest Group will support and advance the work of counseling and enrollment professionals as they help the students and the community realize their full potential, with particular emphasis on African American's transition to postsecondary education.

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  • Alumni Representatives SIG

    The Alumni Representatives Special Interest Group is focused on sharing information on all aspects of successful alumni recruitment programs.

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  • Asian/Pacific Islander SIG

    The mission of the Asian/Pacific Islander Special Interest Group is to bring awareness of Asian/Pacific Islander issues to NACAC members.

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  • Catholic Educators SIG

    The mission of the Catholic Educators SIG is to work collaboratively on issues that impact educators in Catholic high schools, colleges and universities and to network between high school and post secondary professionals with an interest in Catholic education.

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  • Christian Fellowship SIG

    The Christian Fellowship Special Interest Group is dedicated to providing a point of spiritual connection and encouragement for its group members.

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  • College Admission Counseling Graduate Coursework SIG

    The College Admission Counseling Graduate Coursework Special Interest Group is focused on reaching out to counseling education programs, which encourage the addition of college admission counseling coursework as well as encourage NACAC members to advocate for more training in school counseling preparation programs.

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  • Community Colleges/Transfer SIG

    The Community Colleges/Transfer Special Interest Group is designed to engage people in discussion about the unique issues facing community colleges and transfer students.

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  • Community-Based Organizations SIG

    The Community-Based Organizations Special Interest Group is a forum for the discussion of, and advocacy for, issues that impact community based organizations and the students with whom we work.

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  • Emerging Admission Professionals SIG

    The Emerging Admission Professionals Special Interest Group’s mission is to educate and build community within the future leaders of NACAC and its affiliates. The purpose of the group is to provide dedicated, emerging admission and secondary school counselors with a way to gain knowledge to not only enhance their ability to serve the students they work with but to also lead us towards a better future.

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  • French Baccalaureate SIG

    ​The French Baccalaureate Special Interest Group provides a forum to those who are interested in learning more about the French Baccalaureate diploma.

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  • GLBTQ and Allies SIG

    The GLBTQ and Allies SIG provides opportunities for members to discuss issues of college admission that affect GLBTQ students and others.

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  • Independent Educational Consultants SIG

    The Independent Educational Consultants SIG allows all educational consultants not affiliated with schools or colleges to come together to share common issues, including ethical practices, support for students in the college admission process, and emerging issues of concern for our group as well as the greater NACAC audience.

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  • International Baccalaureate SIG

    The International Baccalaureate Special Interest Group provides a forum for interested parties to learn more about the IB, have questions answered by a representative from the IBO and to share best practices among colleagues.

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  • Jewish Schools and Jewish Students SIG

    The mission of the Jewish Schools and Jewish Students SIG is to form a network of members who are concerned about the issues of Jewish students as they relate to the college prep, application and admission processes, as well as their experience on college campuses.

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  • Latino/Hispanic SIG

    The Latino/Hispanic Special Interest Group represents the perspectives and concerns of those professionals who are responsible for the counseling, guidance, education, recruitment and transition (from high school to college) of Latino/Hispanic students. It is also responsible for the dissemination, discussion and representation of any and all related topics, issues and trends relevant to Latino/Hispanic college admission counseling.

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  • Learning Differences SIG

    The Learning Differences SIG's mission is to facilitate conversations and collaboration among secondary and post-secondary professionals who are committed to the success of students with learning differences.

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  • Native Indigenous Peoples SIG

    The Native Indigenous Peoples SIG is committed to helping NACAC fulfill its mission of supporting access and promoting high professional standards of social responsibility to American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and international indigenous students.

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  • Performing Arts SIG

    The mission of the Performing Arts SIG is to create a network of NACAC members and other interested individuals who are concerned about the issues of performing arts students as they relate to the college prep, application, and admission processes, as well as their experience on college campuses.

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  • Private School Counselors SIG

    The mission of the Private School Counselors Special Interest Group is to support the work and aspirations of college counseling professionals working with private school students and families.

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  • Prospective Student Athlete Advocacy SIG

    The Prospective Student Athlete Advocacy SIG supports efforts to protect the rights and interests of student-athletes in their transition to college and to educate students, parents, admissions professionals, college counselors, and others about the needs of student-athletes in the college admission process.

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  • Public Charter Schools SIG

    ​The Public Charter Schools Special Interest Group is dedicated to building collaborations and sharing best practices among NACAC members who work in and support public charter schools and charter school networks.

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  • Public School Counselor SIG

    The emphasis of the Public School Counselor SIG is to develop a “voice” for the public school counselor in NACAC affairs and policies.

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  • Regional Admission Counselors SIG

    The mission of the Regional Admission Counselors Special Interest Group is to support the vast and growing number of admission counselors or serve their institutions as remotely-based members of the admission team.

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  • Rural and Small Town SIG

    The Rural and Small Town SIG mission is to bring rural and small town admissions and college counseling professionals, as well as those committed to rural and small town education, together to increase college access and success, promote college-going culture in rural areas, and support counselors and students at rural and small town schools.

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  • Universal College Application SIG

    The Universal College Application Special Interest Group provides a venue for members and users of the Universal College Application to provide valuable feedback to the Universal College Application.

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  • Visual Arts SIG

    This Visual Arts SIG is a forum for all disciplines of the visual arts found in the collegiate sphere.

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  • Women in Admission SIG

    The Women in Admission SIG's mission is to support anyone who identifies as a woman to achieve success in the admission profession.

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  • Women's Colleges SIG

    The Women's Colleges Special Interest Group's mission is to support members in their admission work at Women's Colleges.

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  • Young Admission Directors and Deans SIG

    The Young Admission Directors and Deans Special Interest Group aims to provide a professional and supportive network for millennial admission leadership to come together to discuss the issues and challenges related to their young leadership roles.

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Start a New SIG

There are several requirements to creating a new SIG and a proposal must be submitted to the NACAC Member Relations Committee.


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